We understand what’s at stake if you have been arrested for DUI or DWI: jail time, your driver’s license, a criminal record, a high insurance rate, ultimately your livelihood. The Law Offices of W. Keith Williams, II can make all the difference.

Our offices provide aggressive representation for those accused of drinking and driving. Whether it is your first violation or third offense, our knowledge of DUI and DWI laws enable us to protect your rights and build a winning defense

Charges of DUI and DWI carry substantial penalties, both by way of a fine, potential jail time, and points on your driving record. The Law Offices of W. Keith Williams, II can help not only by recognizing technical legal defenses, but also by knowing what the judge is likely to do given the facts of your case, and what you can do to improve the odds of a favorable settlement.
We will also represent you vigorously in court on the criminal charges, as well as Motor Vehicle Administration license suspension hearing to retain or regain your driving privileges.

We explore every avenue to fight the charges and obtain the most favorable outcome possible given your circumstance.


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